Vasogenic edema and Traumatic brain hemorrhages

Is vasogenic edema inherent to Traumatic brain hemorrhages or can it be coded seperately?


  • That is largely going to be up to the judgement of the MD.  It will depend on a number of clinical circumstances relating to the specific case (to what extent, if it is requiring separate treatment over and above the routine management of the hemorrhage, etc.) 
  • Concur w/ Allen...As part of the decision process ask yourself how the vasogenic edema was diagnosed, managed, treated in a way that would make it reportable per the UHDDS definition. 
  • ICD-10 alpha index:
    brain (cytotoxic) (vasogenic) G93.6
    due to birth injury P11.0
    newborn (anoxia or hypoxia) P52.4
    birth injury P11.0
    traumatic—see Injury, intracranial, cerebral edema

    cerebral edema, traumatic S06.1X- S
    diffuse S06.1X- S
    focal S06.1X- S

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