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Is anyone on the Epic platform for EHR and use the Epic Chat function to talk to providers in real time if there are questions about queries, educate, etc? If so, how do your CDI teams and Physicians like the functionality?

Sarah Wicks, RN, MS, MBA

Clinical Documentation Improvement Program Manager

Utilization Management | Strong Memorial Hospital



  • We are currently in the middle of transitioning to EPIC, so we don't use EPIC chat yet. However, we do use a different program that goes to the Providers phones to communicate with our hospitalists. We alert them to a chart and ask them to review a specific diagnosis and give us a call when they are available, then when they call we do a verbal query.

    This has been very successful so far in decreasing our query response time, and increasing our response and agree rate.

  • We utilize the Secure Chat function in Epic at our facility. For those providers who have embraced it, it works great. However, as with any "change" in the EHR, some providers are slow to accept/acclimate or flat out refuse to learn. The providers that DO use the Secure Chat, they prefer it to getting a phone call or a page from our CDI team members. CDI queries are not what I would consider "urgent" requiring immediate response (as opposed to panic lab values the nurse it trying to reach them for). By sending the Secure Chat, it does not interrupt patient/family conversations like pagers and phones will.

    We will use the chat for non-query communications such as reminders that a query is still outstanding, if we see a glaring typo in their documentation (think dragon dictation), or for general education (reminders of new dot phrases they can use, or new processes). We also send chats to ask them to call us to discuss a verbal query-and then will document the verbal query (with all appropriate components to meet query ethics). We have also used it for communication with other team members such as the dietitians and nursing staff.

    Overall, we really like it and I find the providers or more responsive than through inbasket messages, phone calls or pages.

    Kim Boysen, RN, BSN

    Senior Clinical Documentation Specialist

    Case Management - Sanford Bemidji Medical Center


  • Good Afternoon, we have used Epic Secure chat for some time and our hospitalist group is great with responding. Most of the time it is to remind a provider about a query that they have received or to reach out to the provider regarding a time to meet and discuss a current patient in regards to clinical documentation.

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