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    If possible I would like to have your work email account. I wound like your assistance in my career path. I highly respect you and your advice!



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    October 1
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    I was wondering if you could help me with this scenario? If a patient had a open colectomy with Ileostomy late June 2018 and returned in late August 2018 for closure of loop ileostomy with resection of stoma and Nutrition has documented that the patient's current weight represents a loss of 17-21% body weight in 2 months and now has a BMI (18.84) . In June the BMI was ( 22.86). The surgeon is documenting " Frail Appearing" patient is presently NPO and on IVF's awaiting Bowel function. Would you be thinking some form of malnutrition ? although the surgeon is not treating the patient for the Malnutrition. Nutrition continues to follow the case.

    I was thinking it appears the patient may have some malnutrition and at present not sure how long the patient would remain NPO? Since we do so many cases I would like to make the Surgeon aware of this finding but I feel there is no  treatment other than Nutrition following the case. Would like to hear your opinion and what you would do? I wish this was a surgeon I could verbally speak with to explain but this surgeon is unapproachable and confrontational at all times. Administration is pushing us to Identify Malnutrition cases, I feel my hands are really tied here. This case has the potential to be advanced to a cc. Appreciate any response to guide me better. Thank you for reading my question. Hope to hear from you soon.  Have a great day!

    August 27