Pediatric respiratory distress @ CDI conference San Antonio

Lasst year HCPro was kind enough to host a pediatric CDI lunch at the conference in Las Vegas. That was very much appreciated as pediatrics is different in coding for certain issues than that for adults, it was nice to meet others involved with the same issues. This year I have again asked Brian Murphy to have a room at the CDI conference in San Antonio where the individuals involved with peds CDI can once again meet for lunch. This year I would like to suggest taking a single issue to "get into" with the group. My suggestion is respiratory distress and respiratory failure without a blood gas measurement. I hope others involved with pediatrc CDI would be interested in discussing this topic.


  • Yes, that would be wonderful.

  • I agree - this would be wonderful. This is a hot topic for sure.

    Thank you,

    Jessica Fetterley, RHIT, CCDS
  • That would be so wonderful.
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    For those of us that cannot attend the conference, I for one would LOVE to hear feedback on what was discussed!

    Claudine Hutchinson RN (CDI)

  • I enjoyed the Pediatric CDI luncheon in Vegas and love the opportunity to participate again. Many pediatricians are reluctant to document respiratory failure, but we have had good success in improving their documentation by presenting validated peer review criteria along with actual case examples.
    Larry Faust, MD, FAAP
  • Hi I think that that is a great one. I have gotten app huge push back from my coding dept for pulling resp distress for pt's who are RSV, bronch, etc.....who have escalated on resp support.



  • I'm still working on our pediatricians to document .... will bring some examples.
  • This would be great!  We just started our CDI program in March 2018 and this is a hot topic for us.  Would anyone be able to share what their current organization is using for their guidelines?  If would be easier to send to my email is  Thanks!

    Tiffany Reay

  • Hi all,

    Has a date or time been set for this? I am interested in meeting up with everyone.

    Mo Brogoiti

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