I have a question maybe someone may have answer. Pt was admitted thru er with weakness, bruising and found to have plt count of 6,000 is presently on chemo. In Er received plts adm. diagnosis is thrombocytopenia. The oncologist documented pancytopenia secondary to chemo on his consultation. I was wondering what would be principle diagnosis. I thought thrombocytopenia principle and pantcytopenia secondary to chemo as MCC. not sure how to code this since thrombocytopenia is apart of pancytopenia the pt also received prbcs since hbg was low. Does anyone have any thought on how to code this or coding clinic references.
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    I would probably use pancytopenia secondary to chemo as my PDX and the neoplasm as a cc. Charlene # 2

  • What if you had pancytopenia from chemo and sepsis?  what would be your principle?
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