Physician Advisors in the Expedited Appeal Role

We had a great question arise from one of our Nurse Leaders that I don't know the answer to. Hoping other systems have come across this question and can share what they do or do not do in their practice?

There are often times when there is a need for an MD to MD conversation between hospital and payer so that continued Inpatient Authorization is secured. At times, Attending Physicians are willing to do these calls but we run into scheduling issues when the commercial Payers are dictating what time slots are available for calls. My question would be, if one of our Physician Advisors has reviewed and weighed in on the admission, can they advocate for the case in the MD to MD call?

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  • Case Mgmt has had to ask our CMO (who basically acts as our physician advisor) to make the peer-peer call to Cigna, because the surgeon could/would not. It worked just fine.

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