3M 360 Encompass and 3M eMD Electronic Queries

Anyone else out there using 3M 360 and the electronic query eMD?


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    We use 360 queries just for our internal purposes, but use EPIC for electronic queries sending to providers in-basket.

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  • Hi Angela, We are using 3M 360 and thinking about getting the electronic query eMD. How do you all like it? What EHR system do you use?

  • We decided to no go live with the automated queries but we use the electronic queries within 360.  We have Soarian for EHR.  We have had some issues with eMD queries but have been able to resolve the issues as the come up.  Our issues seem to involve coders ability to "see" what we have done because they still use ClinTrak for coding.  We had some user processing errors and some settings that needed tweaking.  Overall, it is better than doing manual queries printing and putting in charts which is what we did before.  We have issues with how the MDs respond but we had the same issue on paper too. 
  • Where can one preview the 3M queries in 360? I'm a new CDI with no formal training in 360. (My hospital has not approved any formal education yet..) At one time I thought i was able to preview some of the queries as PDF's but I've not been able to find it again. All I can see is when I set up a query in 360 is a small box of text with no formatting.  Is that all there is? I'm not sure what eMD is. We use Meditech to send queries and end up modifying almost every query template to suit our needs. I find it rather time consuming and would like to start building my own library of query templates.
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