Opinion Feedback from those using 3M 360 encompass--How do you like the management reports?

If you utilize CDI software 3M Encompass 360, please share your likes/dislikes regarding the management reports. Do they provide individual productivity stats as well as program performance stats? What external reports do you need to run to satisfy Finance/CMO/Board, if any?  --Thank you, Melanie


  • I like the management reports. I report stats off of 2b, 2d, 05, and 20d to leadership. The main things I report are CMI, MCC/CC capture rates for medical and surgical, query rate, coverage rate, physician response rate, physician agreement rate, and $ from baseline to final.

    For productivity, I just compare their individual query rates and coverage rates, which can be done using the reports above and specifying the CDI reviewer.

  • Are there any users of 3M 360 who have a paper/hybrid record?  Would you be willing to give confidential feedback on your experiences?
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