complex PNA to simple PNA ratio

Somewhere in the back of my mind I seem to recall that approximately 25-30% of all PNA cases are likely to be complex.  I can't find a resource to back it up though.   Does anyone recall having read this statistic and if so, where?
Thanks for you time-
Sue B


  • From Table 7 of the FY16 IPPS (gives total # of cases for each DRG, and is volume from FY14):

    177 68823
    178 44105
    179 9798


    193 135767
    194 149469
    195 54558

    Doing the math: 122726 (complex) / 462520 (all) = 26.5%

    The PEPPER report also has this -- but I think that ratio is (177+178)/ALL -- but please double check as I'm not certain and can't pull it up right this moment.

    Table 7 is a fun resource to play with in a variety of ways!!

  • Don,
    You ROCK!  Many thanks for the excellent resource.
    Sue B
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