new chapter for WNY AND NW PA

Looking to start a local chapter for WNY and NW PA.  Would anyone be interested in participating in this?


  • I recently asked about joining with Central PA, but I am in Clarion PA, so if this one would be closer?  What geographic parameters are you considering?
  • I would consider anything 2 hours from us.  I am in Bradford PA.  You would be more than welcome.  I am however not getting a lot of interest back.  Maybe you would know others who might be interested in starting a chapter.
  • When I called ACDIS to inquire on feasibility of starting a more local chapter, I understood her (I don't remember the name) to say that it had been tried in western PA before without alot of interest, so I contacted the Central PA chapter then.  
  • I told my manager that we have no interest.  We are working on an integration of our facility with Kaleida Health in WNY and I am hoping that possibly we can spark some more interest. I think it would be great if we could get a chapter going. Have a great weekend.
  • I just joined for central NJ. If there is one in or near North NJ where I live, that would be great. But for now, I joined the Philadelphia group.
  • Is there a way we could combine Central and Western NY (Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton and NW Pa)? 

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