Issue with 3M 360 Software

Since our most recent 3M update, we have been having a lot of issues with the system.  Specifically, receiving error messages and getting locked out of cases while working in a case and also issues with some of the reports.  I'm just wondering if any other sites are experiencing similar issues with the 3M 360?  Thank you!


  • We have had issues with 3M updates in the past. 

    It has reached a point where our IT department sits on updates for at least a week while they search for problems.  They only roll updates out when the department heads and IT feel it will not cause any glitches.  Some updates still do, but it is less of a problem. 

    I know our IT 3M specialists have had to reach out to 3M on a lot of issues.  Do you know if your IT department has done this? 

    Good luck!


  • Laura, thanks for replying.  Yes, we have two Data Analysts who support 3M and they have been on the line almost constantly with 3M since our latest update.  We have learned to be cautious as well before rolling them out and we do a lot of testing once the installation is complete before we allow users into the system.  This time, however, our precautions didn't seem to make a lot of difference. 
  • We seem to have issues with every update & in between! If you don't have an account on the 3M HIS Support page, I'd definitely recommend you getting one. You can search issues & there's discussion forums. 

  • I am having lots of issues when working in reports. They are extremely slow to load and I get locked out with "error" messages all the time. I have taken a screen shot of the error message and sent it to 3M, but they said they have never seen it before and can't figure out why. They even "remoted in" to my computer and of course then it acted fine  :(

  • What does the error say? We get a lot of communication errors. 3M has researched & remoted in, finally said it's an issue on our end with our servers (that are set up by their specs)
  • Funny!  We were told our server was the issue last week as well and also that the issue had been resolved.  So far, no luck, but we will just keep asking our queries!  Thankfully they are not getting lost.  I appreciate the feedback-- thanks to all for responding. 
  • 3M updates always cause some sort of problem for us, some minute, some major. The reporting function has always been problematic as described about with error messages, not downloading, locking up, etc.

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