CDIS Record Review and Query Audits

I am curious to hear from other Supervisors/Managers how often you perform audits and the manner in which you present the information.  I will have impromptu discussions with individual CDIS, but also complete extensive reviews and provide a power point presentation.  Thank you.

Deb Clark


  • I would also like to know. I am a new Lead CDIS and I am looking for ways to do this.  Thanks!
  • Lot of factors...I can state, if it is helpful, that we have an established program and we work w/ APR, ROM, HAC, PSI.  Query rate is averaging about 20%.  I am sure this is different at each site and depends greatly upon a number of factors.  (The only issue I have w/ a standard query rate is when someone says it MUST be at least X%, but does not support rationale for the standard they propose).
  • Suggest anyone wishing to investigate use the search feature at our website
  • I am interested in the auditing piece, as I stated above.  Thank you.


  • Hello,

    I am looking for feedback on how you audit CDIS?

    Who performs the audit?

    Do you have a pass/fail score, what is the process if the CDIS fail the audit?

    What is the passing score?

    How many records do you audit and how often?

    How and who provides the feedback from the audit?


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