NICU/patients under 28 days

My organization is looking to expand our CDI coverage to our NICU/<28 days population. Does anyone else currently review these patients?


  • Yes, We are a freestanding Children's and Women's Hospital with a NICU. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.


  • Thanks so much, I will email you!

  • Yes, we review NICU patients also. Please feel free to e-mail.

    Jackie Touch
  • Hi, yes we do at the Children's Hospital of Phila


  • Would any of you that do reviews of NICU, please share where you have been able to find documentation opportunity? I would love to expand, but of course have to show the need :)
  • Clarifying "respiratory distress" as HDM/RDS

    Clarifying "suspected sepsis" as either confirmed dx of sepsis or ruled out

    Clarifying electrolyte abnormalities instead of just listing abnormal lab values

    ABLA in infants who have pulmonary or IVH's

    Maternal conditions affecting newborn

    These are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head...I'll think of more eventually, lol


  • Hi to add to Jeff's list..."shock", "resp failure".

  • We also clarify Chronic Lung Disease and Feeding difficulties at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

  • Specifying degree of HIE (for hospitals doing cooling). This is especially important now as the neonatal HIE code appears to not be limited to <28 days any longer. I was so excited the other day that I didn't get an age edit warning when I entered it on a patient >28 days of age!!!

    Jackie Touch
  • Hi Jeff, We have recently started reviewing NICU cases for opportunity and started a program as of Feb 2023. We have a Level 3 nicu and I am finding lots of opportunity especially with respiratory distress unspecified, not documenting HIE and doing cooling. I am having a lot of push back from the coders regarding coding maternal conditions. I was wondering if you could give me any direction and or education on this?

    My emails is

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