Hello.  Does anyone know the difference between a Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist (CCDS) and  a Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner (CDIP)?


  • Either credential will portray basic CDI knowledge, IMO. From the many CDI job postings I've seen, both are accepted. I chose CCDS, due to the extensive resources available through ACDIS website.

    Richard Guerzon, RN, CCS, CCDS

  • I am not w/o prejudice since I am on the ACDIS Board,  but I chose ACDIS several years ago because:

    1.  Active MD participation noted within ACDIS on our Board, and also demonstrated per articles, seminars, presentation.  

    2.  I concur with Richard that the resources on the ACDIS site are very helpful

    AHIMA may have similar attributes, I don't know?  But, I see no real need to be both CCDS and CDIP certified.

    Paul Evans, RHIA, CCDS, CCS, CCS-P

  • I am going to be eligible for certification in a few months and have been researching both credentials. The exam content appears to be virtually identical. I am choosing ACDIS due to the references available through ACDIS (including the updated prep text and online exam) and the fact that the ANCC recognizes the CCDS credential as a valid certification to report for Magnet status (saw this some time back on the ANCC website under Magnet designation). Because I work in a Magnet-designated facility, the ACDIS certification accomplishes multiple goals.

    Jackie Touch, MSN, RN, CCM
    CHOC Children's
    Orange, CA
  • The largest difference is the hosting organization.  The content is very similar. Both are well respected. Both will require continuing education for re-certification. There will likely be differences in content details -- but really just details.
    There was (is?) another credential -- however that one as I recall was based on attending a 2-3 day seminar and then testing.  Don't believe that one had the same level of respect.

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