Connecting with other CDI programs

Hello- I am still fairly new to the CDI management role and would love to be able to connect with other successful CDI leaders and team members regarding CDI programs and metrics that are working for them.



  • Hi Deanna,
    I have just taken over my CDI department and I also would love to share ideas and see what works for other programs.  One of the things I'd like to know more about is auditing for accuracy, missed query opportunities, etc.  Not just as an education tool, but does anybody use audits in a punitive way? And if so, what does that look like? What's the process for that?  

  • Hi Amy, 

    i would love to connect and talk about our respective programs. I Took over the leadership role officially a few months ago so it sounds like we're dealing with similar issues. Im excited to touch base with you. I will email you.

  • Hi Deanna and Amy- I took over as CDI Manager just a year ago and my first task was to take the punitive feel away from the Reconciler process.  At the time, my CDI's would either not even look at the case coming back to them and miss the educational portion or would read them and then become so miffed at our Reconcilers that there was a very real divide growing there.  Our FFR's-"For Further Review"- are no longer used in calculating Metrics and I encourage my CDI's to bring any FFR that they receive and don't agree with, back to me for discussion.  That discussion is a great time for 1:1 learning, which as you are probably finding out, very hard to work that into your schedule.  And there have been times that I have taken the FFR back to the Reconcilers for re-review and it has turned into an Impact "Q".  

  • Chasho1, 

    I definitely see the push back when it comes to auditing. I really do agree that auditing is an integral part of a strong program. I continue to prompt it's use for process improvement and educational opportunities. It can be difficult for people who automatically assume its a negative topic. I'd love to hear how you accomplished such a change.

  • Please believe me when I say I'm not looking for these audits to be punitive- they're wonderful educational opportunities.  However, when you have those that are consistently not performing well, there has to be a way to measure that.

    We have no punitive component to DRG reconciliation-- I'm just talking about inter-departmental audits... like missing a vent for 11 days that would have changed the DRG? or coding a fractured femur that happened 5 days into the stay as the primary? 
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