Building query templates in EHR

  We are looking at building our queries into our Provider Documentation application (PDOC). We are a meditech 5.67 hospital. Does anyone have any templates ideas to share to get us started? Any and all advise is welcome! Amber


  • I sent you our process but I don't think I sent you any template samples.  If you need a few samples of those, please let me know.  Also, did I sent you step by step how to enter a template? 
  • I am also interested in query templates for Meditech. Thanks
  • You are very welcome, Amber.  I had previously shared this information with someone else with a similar email address and thought it was you but wasn't!  Hope it helps.  I fought with Meditech on the process initially but we finally got it completed and glad we did it this way.  If you have coders who query, the PDOC process may work a little better for you but it was cumbersome from our standpoint and we couldn't enter our templates that way and edit them ourselves on the fly.  Good luck and if you need anything further or just need to vent, let me know!  Lol
  • April 
    Question related to your template and use of queries by both Coders and CDI staff.  On your templates do you have a statement that addresses response to the query and then it becoming a permanent part of the medical record?  Do your Coders and CDI us similar queries, each augmented for different  role?
    Would appreciate your feedback.

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