ACDIS Conference in NY, NJ or PA?

Please I would like to know if one annual ACDIS conference may be held down here in NJ, NY or PA?


  • Maybe it could be considered for next year's event? That would be great for some of us who can't travel out for now.
  • would love it!  Vote for the eastern locations!
  • That is a great idea.


  • We need two people to go in with us (We have three people) to get the early bird/discounted rate for ACDIS conference. Anyone interested in saving a little bit off the conference cost?

  • that's a great idea finding others to go in as a group, may I suggest also reaching out to your local chapters as well.

  • Please reach out to if you are interested in joining our quarterly meetings. We offer 2 CEU's at most meetings and it is a great opportunity to network with other CDI and HIM professionals especially if you cannot attend the annual conference. Brian Murphy will be speaking at our next event held at Greater Hudson Valley Medical Center on July 12th from 2-4 pm. You can also feel free to reach out to me for more info. There is no cost to attend!

  • New york would be great. I love to visit New York :) :)
  • one of the draw backs with success is the size of the conference and because we are growing every year the places that can accommodate a conference of our size is getting smaller and smaller. 

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