Hi, I was wondering if anyone that attended Candace Blankenship and Deborah Neville's session "Let's Play APR-DRG" at the ACDIS conference was able to get either Candace or Deborah's contact info? I would like to get Elsevier's APR-DRG Tip Sheet and also Candace's APR-DRG tool. If you don't want to post the info here, you can email me at arogers@summithealthcare.net. Thanks!


  • If I remember correctly, it is on the last page of the presentation. 
  • You are right! Thank you so much!
  • You are most welcome!
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    I attended the presentation, and contacted Candace shortly after returning home. She coached me through and made some suggestions to my very first (total joint specific) APR-DRG profile tool. I now feel confident to create more common DRG specific profiles. Thank you, Candace!!
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