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Hi everyone!

A while back, ACDIS put together a "CDI Toolkit," which was a compilation of clinical information along with adaptable tools such as presentations, newsletters, queries, worksheets, job descriptions, and networking info. Is that something you all would be interested in seeing from us again?



  • I would like to see more queries going up please. Every time I have put something in to try and help me develop a query, it says coming soon and it has been like that for over a year now

    Sorry you're encountering that issue! Are you searching within the "CDI Toolkit" or on the ACDIS website in the sample query section? Also, what diagnoses were you looking for? I'll send some your way if I can find any!

    Linnea, ACDIS editor
  • Yes! I would like to see one like "Advancing your CDI Department Toolkit" or something like that. Very beneficial.
  • I am on the ACDIS website under queries. I am looking for these diagnosis: functional quadriplegia, cardiorenal syndrome, depression, cor pulmonale, pancytopenia, ATN and obesity hypoventilation syndrome. Any templates would be appreciated. Thank you Laurie
  • Yes I would be interested in seeing this! Always looking for new ways to educate our physicians and improve our practice
  • When will the CDI Toolkit be available on the website?
  • Thank you, all, for your responses! They were all very helpful.

    lmcleveland, we do not have a set date as of yet as we're in the beginning stages of developing a plan. For the time being, we should be posting more query templates in the near future under the "Resources" tab on the main site. We rely on sample query donations from the ACDIS membership for this section and each has to be reviewed prior to posting. I will certainly post an update here, in this thread, when we have some news for you all :) 
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