Reviewing OB Charts

I am looking to see if anyone reviews OB charts.  If you do - do review all patients.  Including the c-sections and vaginal deliveries??  We are looking to review them in the future but anted to see what others are doing!!



  • We review OB charts that have been in house 4 days or greater. These are the ones that have some issue which is keeping them longer than the approved insurance stay

  • We review both vaginal and c-section delivery OB charts but haven't found much opportunity to improve documentation on these charts. As stated above if a patient has a longer LOS there may be opportunity. 
  • We currently review all OB patients.
  • What opportunities are you finding with your OB patients?
  • I would recommend taking a listen to our latest 30-minute episode of ACDIS Radio--hear from folks who are finding ample opportunities for CDI impact after expanding into OB-GYN:
  • What opportunities are you finding with your OB patients?

    We found opportunities for documentation of co-morbid conditions in our OB patient population. Basically the same things you look for on your Med-Surg patient...this patient just has a passenger or two with them that may exacerbate conditions. We see many high risk OB patients who have CHF, CKD, etc.. those were a big area for improvement for us. We also found the regular clarifications for "low sodium", etc..

    Thanks, Jeff

  • We currently review all OB patients.
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