Septicemia, ICD 10 and Sepsis 3

Have there been any articles out there that provides advise regarding the capturing of the term "septicemia" when sepsis 3 criteria has not been met? We are finding providers still using the term "Septicemia" based on positive blood cultures and meeting SIRS criteria. Coding Guidelines still allows the use of the term Septicemia but there is no code for this in ICD 10 as it codes to sepsis.


  • I noticed even the newest DRG Expert (Optum) uses the term "Septicemia" for the triplet of 871.....
  • Without getting into the in's and out's of the various definitions of sepsis and when it is appropriate.

    "Septicemia" is definitely indexed under the current ICD 10 system as A41.9 which is the default for sepsis. (see attached)

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