coding HI

Hello CDI members, we are looking to find out how other peds programs are coding Hyperinsulism (HI).

Unfortunately, this codes to other hyperglycemia, which does not show the severity and the amount of care that goes into caring for these children. If there is no other code, does anyone know who to contact about getting a code and possibly an APR-DRG.




  • Hi, Steph ~ Sorry for such a delayed response. The hyperinsulinemia results in hypoglycemia, so I am thinking the CDI opportunities to optimize the DRG would be related to diagnoses that may be related to the hypoglycemia (for example, clarifying for seizures, metabolic encephalopathy, apnea, etc. if the indicators are there and treatment is provided). Not sure there is much else that can be done.

  • I agree, there is much missing in the opportunity to capture a very sick infant because the codes do not adequately represent this condition.  In fact, many of these babies are admitted after stabilized for a 'safety fast' where their bodies are tested to prove the level they can tolerate.  never reflects the intensity of service involved in this testing.  Val

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