ACDIS Forum etiquette

Hi everyone, following are some general rules of etiquette when posting on ACDIS Forum, per ACDIS administration:

Be respectful. Personal attacks are not permitted, and those in violation will be subject to suspension and/or immediate banning, at ACDIS' discretion. Remember that the ACDIS Forum is for those brand-new to the profession as well as CDI specialists with multiple years of experience. Friendly debates and respectful disagreements are welcomed, but rudeness and incivility will not be tolerated.

Do not denigrate others' professional backgrounds. ACDIS welcomes all professional backgrounds serving in CDI roles and vested in the CDI profession. RNs should not assume that HIM professionals cannot function in the role of a CDI specialist, or vice-versa.

Help out others. If you have a question that you are hoping to have answered, consider taking the time to answer others' questions. This builds up good will. If someone takes the time to answer your question, thank them and try to return the favor at a later date.

Have fun! Celebrate your success stories here and express your enthusiasm for this great profession.
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