Out-pt screening requests / quality measure capturing needs

We know that we can prospectively (prior to visit), concurrently, or retrospectively submit a CDI clarification, if we meet the criteria.

In the out-patient world, there is also a whole quality component; foot exams needing to be done, eye exams, A1C captures..etc.

Is it appropriate to request the provider do a screening for a medical condition for quality reporting capture?  For CDI?  You aren't asking for a specific issue, you are asking the provider to do a screening that would be clinically relevant and part of MIPS or HEDIS/STAR ratings usually. 


Screening of an at risk patient requested.

This patient has known DM II.  Please perform an annual foot exam to determine the patient's status and if there are any sign/symptoms of neuropathy or PVD.  Please treat/manage and document as appropriate based on your findings.

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