CDI in affecting the Readmission Rate

Hi all.  I gave the following lecture at the ACMA conference on how CDI affects the readmission rate.  I'm open to feedback as to how you relate to this content.  You have to "blow it up" to see the slides. 


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  • Here is the corrected link.  One has to take the space and the semicolon out of the other one.
  • Yes, I agree CDI can impact Readmission  data.  For over a year (two separate organizations) I've been working on a readmission project which evaluates the clinical accuracy of HF as  PDX.  In my opinion,  AF  is one of many HF triggers which can be utilized as PDX.   Many times the treatment of AF is resource intensive(monitoring and treatment) such as diltiazem drip and cardioversion when compared to Lasix given three times a day IVP.   Just my opinion, but I'm not confident the traditional ways of sequencing HF based on higher relative weight aligns with quality metric.   I read a great article which asked the question:  Do we  want a quick ROI or less penalties?   

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