chronic ruptured appendicitis ICD 10 code

It's Friday and I think I may have left my brain at home.....

What is the correct code for "chronic ruptured appendicitis"? Pt treated with IV Zosyn x2 days then changed to PO flagyl & cipro x30 days for discharge home.  Op report stated: Laparoscopy revealed a contained rupture of a chronically thickened/indurated appendix stuck deep in rlq position, no purulence or fecal material, all advanced inflammatory changes.  The appendix was in two parts but still attached to the mesoappendix. No other pathology was identified in the abdomen." Attendings are documenting "chronic/ruptured appendicitis". Surgeon documenting "chronic ruptured appendicitis".

What would the correct ICD 10 CM code be ? 

Thanks in advance!



  • Hi Chutchinson,
    This is what I found relating to your question...

    Range K35.8-
    Acute appendicitis without mention of peritonitis is the phase of appendicitis referred to as early appendicitis. No gangrene, perforation, or abscess is present. Acute appendicitis without localized or generalized peritonitis is reported with the code for unspecified acute appendicitis. Other appendicitis is reported for inflammation of the appendix that is chronic or intermittent (recurrent).

    Code K36 - Other Appendicitis 
    Chronic appendicitis,
     Recurrent appendicitis

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