Coding training for CDI

I have been doing IP CDI for 6 months and will now be starting CDI in physician practice setting. My lack of coding knowledge is a huge hindrance. What coding training options would be best for an RN to facilitate CDI? 


  • Great Question!

    Unofficially, the least expensive offerings for introductory coding type courses are realistically going to be through our own HCPRO coding boot camps or alternatively through the AAPC.   If you have a bit more time to commit, many community colleges offer these types of courses as well...and you will get a much longer, in dept course.    Having said that, many RN's learn on the job by working several hours a week directly with the coding staff.   You can also obtain some of the resources free such as the official inpatient and outpatient coding guidelines on and or within your employees encoder tools such as AHA coding clinic and additional coding suggestions from industry experts.  For up to the minute reading, you can gain a lot about what is going on via our own ACDIS blogs, the ACDIS Journal and great sites like ICD 10 monitor, RAC monitor and of course, AHIMA and the AHIMA Journal.   Last but not least, both ACDIS and AHIMA covers white papers on various topics which impact various coding conundrums as well.

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