Medication Noncompliance

When would it be appropriate to have medication noncompliance as a principal diagnosis?


  • Assuming that there was an "event" that precipitated the admission, (inpatient), see Poisonings and Adverse Effects in ICD 10 coding manuals.  The coding handbook outlines this well also.  Depending on the scenario, the coding guidelines will direct sequencing rules of poisoning/adverse effect vs manifestation.  It also depends on whether it is chronic or acute symptoms/manifestation. 
  • Never.

    If it is an overdose use a poison pdx.  If it is underdosed then you must sequence the manifestations/events/diagnoses precipitated by the under dosing as pdx.  See official coding guidelines for reference.

    In the outpatient world things are different, and you could have an encounter for medication counseling potentially.

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