Neonatal Respiratory Insufficiency

Does anyone have clinical criteria for neonatal respiratory insufficiency and neonatal respiratory failure that they would be willing to share?  Thanks!


  • Are we talking term infants or premature?

    Thanks, Jeff

  • Hi Megan,

    Neonatal respiratory insufficiency will code out as neonatal respiratory failure (P28.5). 

    Using the encoder:

    Insufficiency ---> Respiratory ---> Newborn ---> Respiratory failure of the newborn

    My physicians don't often use respiratory insufficiency as the general thought is there is no known definition for respiratory insufficiency.  Respiratory insufficiency codes out to respiratory failure only in the neonatal population.  If old than a neonate, i.e., greater than 28 days old, then I would query for more specificity for the respiratory status.  Hope this helps,

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  • I am late to this thread.  Would someone be willing to share Pediatric Respiratory Failure criteria?  Do you have both Peds and NICU criteria?  Thank you for your consideration.  AnneMarie Vannurden
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