Who do your CDI departments report too?

Just curious where the majority of CDI departments report too .... HIM or Case Management ?  Other?

We are housed and report to HIM.



  • I do Pedi CDI and I report to the Executive Director of Children's Hospital; however, adult CDI reports to Case Management.
  • HIM w/ strong reporting relationship to CFO.

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    Straight to the CFO.   Case Management, Coding, CDI, Precert, Denials, Business Office, Clinic System (all $$ makers) report under the Revenue Cycle Umbrella to the CFO.  Our Medical Records/HIM and Quality report to other areas - and NOT the same one.  We all still work very closely together.  It's always interesting to see who reports where.
  • HIM which falls under the CFO.

  • When our CDI program began, we reported to HIM/Finance.  However, now we report to Quality.  We are pleased with the change to Quality and maintain a close working relationship with HIM. 

  • Quality Division/Performance Improvement.
  • HIM --> Revenue Cycle
  • When I started in CDI we were floundering under Nursing and Case Management. Last year they moved us under the CFO and HIM director and we have been doing so much better. Went from negative revenue to 4 million in 6 months.
  • Revenue Integrity (which is under the Revenue Cycle umbrella)
  • Chief Compliance Officer (compliance and audit)
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    Case Management to Quality to COO.   (HIM is separate and report to the CFO.)  I have noticed that when reporting to the CFO, the program becomes more financially driven, excluding critical pieces of quality documentation in CDI.

  • SVP Operational Excellence/Quality & Co-President of Health System.   
  • We report to Revenue Cycle currently, who reports to CFO.
  • We report to HIM department which falls under CFO.  However, we maintain a close relationship with  Case Management and Quality departments.
  • We report to HIM (my boss is the HIM director). She reports directly to the CFO.
  • We report to the Director of Reimbursement -> VP Finance -> CFO.  We initially reported to Case Management, which was under Finance at that time.  Director of HIM also reports -> VP Finance -> CFO.
  • We report to the Compliance Officer, who reports directly to the CEO, We have awesome support from the CFO as well. We have a great working relationship with our coders. 
  • Care Management
  • I report to Revenue Cycle who reports straight to CFO.  Strong support from CMO, and a great working relationship with HIM
  • Quality > CMO in our own independent department
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