Conversion of GT to GJ tube in IR

We  are having a debate where I work on proper PCS code for changing GT tube over to Gastrojejunostomy tube, which is done in IR (Interventional Radiology):

The existing gastrostomy tube was used to administration contrast into the stomach. The existing tube was exchanged over a Stiff Glidewire for a Kumpe catheter. The Kumpe catheter was manipulated through the pylorus and duodenum into the jejunum. Catheter position within the jejunum was confirmed by administration of contrast by hand. The catheter was exchanged over a Stiff Glidewire for a 16 French 1.0 cm stomal length 15 cm long gastrojejunostomy tube. Tube position was confirmed by administration of contrast by hand through the jejunal and gastric ports. The catheter was secured to the skin with 2-0 Ethilon suture. The patient suffered no immediate complications. FINDINGS: Initial images demonstrate a gastrostomy tube present. Contrast is demonstrated within the stomach. Images then demonstrate placement of the Kumpe catheter through the duodenum into the jejunum with contrast within the jejunum. Images then document appropriate position of the gastrojejunostomy tube with contrast in the stomach and jejunum. No contrast extravasation is identified.  IMPRESSION: Successful fluoroscopic conversion of a gastrostomy tube to a gastrojejunal catheter.

What PCS do you assign for the above procedure?



- 0D20XUZ


- Other _______Thanks in advance!


("We" above refers to our CDI, coders, and coding auditor staff.)

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