CDI in Magnet Facilities

Couple quick questions for those of you who are performing CDI in Magnet-designated facilities:

To what department do you report?

Do you report directly to nursing leadership? Indirectly to nursing leadership? No reporting to nursing leadership?

Thanks so much!

Jackie Touch, MSN, RN, CCDS

CHOC Children's, Orange, CA


  • Here at Medical University of South Carolina, MUSC, our CDI department reports to our Quality Department.  We don't report to nursing leadership. 

    Thanks, Karen Bridgeman, MSN,RN,CCDS

  • Our organization is working toward magnet designation, we report to HIM.


  • We report to HIM and are a magnet hospital. Previously we reported to Nursing. This was not a good fit as our value as CDI specialist was overlooked.  

  • At Wake Forest Baptist Health, we report to Quality/CMO.

    Tamara Hicks, RN, BSN, MHA, CCS, CCDS, ACM-RN
    Director, Clinical Documentation Excellence
  • West Virginia University Medicine, Morgantown WV is a magnet hospital.  CDI reports to HIM and are remote.

    Roberta Vance, RN, BC, BSN, CCDS

  • At Lancaster General Health in Lancaster, PA we report to HIM. We do not have a direct reporting structure to nursing leadership.
  • We report to Revenue Cycle up to CFO.
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