Stage 4 Pressure ulcer sacrum no longer it's own MCC when PDX?

I have noticed this today and wondering if this is part of the 2019 updates?  I have copy of CMS 1694 F Tables 6A- 6J.2 v 36 and don't see where the MCC was deleted?   Where else could I look to research this?    Lisa T


  • All the CC/MCC's as their own MCC's were deleted for FY2019. Its still an MCC so its still on the MCC list. But there used to be another list (6L and 6M) with CC/MCCs as their own MCC/CCs and those tables have been deleted for FY2019.


  • How come this was not covered in an Update from ACDIS/HcPro for 2019 changes?
  • I do not know what update you are referring to but I believe only highlights have been provided. Though these conditions are no longer their own CC/MCC's, they continue to be CC/MCC's so it shouldn't change the focus of documentation integrity efforts but does have impact on DRG assignment in those cases where there are no additional CC/MCC's.


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