3M 360

Good morning.  We are preparing to install an update of 3M 360.  While testing, we noticed that the "findings" section is now located on the "home" tab and is much smaller in size than it appeared previously.  Has anyone already installed this update?  Are there any barriers that have occurred due to the small font size of the findings area?  Any other feedback welcome and appreciated. 


  • Which update are you installing? For it remains on the Patient Summary tab in regular font and also appears in smaller font on the summary tab.


  • We are getting ready to install 18.4.2
  • We are too...haven't had a chance to look ahead to the changes. So, the findings goes away from patient summary tab in that release?
  • apparently, yes.  There is a "home" page that is pretty busy and the panel where findings and follow ups are located is currently blank in our test system.  I am meeting with our data analysts later.  I can let you know what I find out. 

  • We are delaying the install of this update in prod.  Per our analysts, 3M has received a lot of feedback that the view is not ideal.  Word is that it will be corrected by the next release on 12/27. 
  • We were told that you would be able to expand the findings so it is easier to read but I haven't found that during testing. 
  • Does anyone have any information from 3M regarding the fix on 12/27? I am searching the support site and cannot find what I need to take to our folks to argue my point that we need to delay. I do see some complaints about the font in their forum.



  • Jeff,  3M has released a hot fix.  We are going to apply to test sometime very soon to see if it's a better view.  Janie
  • Thanks, Keep me posted!


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