DRG books for CCDS exam

I’m taking the exam in a couple days. Should I bring 2018 or 2019 DRG books? Thank you!


  • I just took my CCDS Exam today and passed! I had my DRG 2017 for reference, but I did not use it/did not see that it was needed. However, it is allowed and better to have it than not. In addition, the exam center would not allow me to use my drug reference book (Lexi-Comp's Drug Reference Handbook) because it was not one of the listed approved drug reference guides. So, make sure that you have one of the listed drug references. Good luck!
  • Congratulations on passing your exam that is wonderful! please make sure you keep up on when it will need to be renewed so that you don't ever have to go through taking it again. For anyone who is thinking of taking the exam make sure you know which resources you are allowed to have with you. this information can be found in the CCDS handbook.
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