Functional quadriplegia

We are having an outside auditor reviewing charts and querying.  I noted that a query was placed for functional quadriplegia for a patient with a history of a Traumatic Brain Injury.  In the current edition of the CDI pocket guide on p 117 it states 
definition of Functional Quadriplegia found on pg. 117 of the 2019 handbook where the definition is the inability to use one’s limbs and ambulated due to extreme debility or frailty by another medical condition without physical injury or damage to the spinal cord.  Common causes being severe dementia, Advanced neurogenerative disorders, severe brain injury or damage, advanced Musculoskeletal deformity and profound intellectual disability

Dr Pinson was quoted in the ICD 10 monitor on 2/22/16: 
Functional quadriplegia (R53.2) is defined as “the inability to move due to severe disability or frailty caused by another condition without physical injury or damage to the brain or spinal cord,” describes Richard Pinson, MD. This oft-overlooked secondary diagnosis may have significant impact on the final MS-DRG, relative weight, length of stay (LOS), severity of illness (SOI), and risk of mortality/morbidity (ROM) of any case, as it is a major complication/comorbidity (MCC).

I am confused - is a brain injury no longer an exclusion for querying for this diagnosis.  
It so we are missing the opportunity to pick up this diagnosis on numerous patients.

Debby Dallen


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