Permanent Medical Record & Queries

Hello - my organization is weighing the pro/con of doing our queries within the medical record, and making them a permanent part of the record. We are currently using EPIC as our EMR. And we have the 3M 360 Encompass CDI tool. Please reply with your thoughts, as well as other references you know of - white papers, position papers, etc.

Some of our questions include:

- What is the pro / con of having the query as part of the electronic medical record?

- What are some of the insights you had with implementation?

- What challenges do you have now that the query is part of the EMR?

- If you explored doing EMR queries, but decided against it, why?

- What has the response been from physicians and CDI staff for the queries in EMR?

- Do you require the chart documents (prog notes) to include the diagnoses rendered via queries, or do you allow for "checked" responses to suffice?

- other insights...

Thank you in advance!


CDI Team Lead

The University of KS Health System


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