Quiet and secure designated work area

Do you have a quiet and secure designated workplace?  A place where your computer can live, a bottle of water and your purse/personal belongings or do you work in whatever space is available?



  • are you asking about remote or onsite employees?
  • For years our CDIs were 'homeless' - carrying our laptop and references with us daily to the nursing units.  Then we got an office but still carried our equipment everywhere.  (We were paper-based, so we had to be on the units to do reviews.)  
    Now that we are fully electronic, we work in an off-site office and each CDI has a cubicle.  When we do go to the nursing units, we do not have a designated place.  I typically stand at a space of counter top out of the way of traffic.
  • Specifically onsite.
  • We works on the units, with no assigned work space. M-F.  We have an office but it's only for leadership, there aren't enough cubicles for all of us, that office is on campus across from the hospital(about a 20 minute walk or so). 

    I agree with you jmccorkl, being on the unit serves a vital purpose in furthering opportunities to engage with physician weather it be through a verbal query, providing education or merely just being a touch point for all things CDI. 

    The biggest draw back is the level of noise, interruptions(however unintended) and the nomadic-ness(sorry made up word but you get the idea). Having to pack up and un pack mutiple times a day, I'm often surprised with how much time the commute to the floor or merely finding an open terminal can take up. 

    Due to the ongoing hospital expansion, we shuttle in and I take no less than 4 elevators to get to my floors.  We obviously can't snack on the floors, so you must pack up and unpack for lunches, meetings or a mix of on site and off site.

    And I'm just curious how unreasonable the expectation is to ask for dedicated quiet work space. It's be nice to be able to have periods where I can be focused on the chart and periods were I can actively engage physicians as needs versus. not having a home, so to speak.
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