Unique provider education tactics

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Our May/June edition of the CDI Journal will be focused on provider education and engagement. What's been your most successful engagement/education tactic? What's been your most unique idea that actually worked? I'd love to hear about it!

Thanks so much!


  • I've had an entire series of various tactics from the puffy mints with "documint documint documint" on stickers attached to them to LifeSavers, Kudo's Bars (for the good guys), in addition to customized Bouquets for surgery departments with instant coffee packets and other favorites for each team member taped to a bamboo skewer with a thank you note wrapped on the stick and "planted" in the green floral foam set in a flower pot.  I've also had pens (with stylus end, of course) printed by 4Imprint with our CDI email contact information and handed them out for Doctors Day.   

  • On boarding-CDI is included in New Provider Hospital Orientation.  It gives CDI a chance to provide specialty specific CDI education and introduce our team to new providers.   

    With current technology, providers use multiple avenues to communicate and catching providers on the floor is a challenge.  We request providers to complete a slip that list their communication preference e.g. email, cell phone number, name/contact info of "gatekeepers",etc.  All communication options must be secure.  We have a share drive that stores each providers' communication preference for CDI reference.    
  • Senior leadership support and proactively addressing the basis for excellent clinical documentation are the best tactics to physician engagement.  With that in place, a climate of professionalism, respect and accountability is the way to go.  Candy and treats may create a misconception of CDI.  Don't get me wrong, I've pushed a treat cart around in the past, but won't anymore.  Providers are more interested in their service line and individual metrics and how CDI makes a difference in their world.   We've also created proprietary electronic provider education modules with a 1/2 CE attached - mandatory for new providers, with senior leadership support, and deliver live group education with residents.  We build relationships by routinely rounding on the units.  Physicians know us and rely on our expertise to keep them up-to-date on clinical documentation matters.  Thanks. 
  • Our CMO was the key to our education endeavors.  We worked with medical staff in regards to onboarding and recredentialing.  Time with CDI (15 minutes) was scheduled as part of orientation.  It basically provided an opportunity to get contact information and explain our program.  Physicians were given $50 discount on recredentialing fees if they attended a 1:1 education session that lasted no more than 15 minutes.   I will say it took extra work on my part, but it paid off.
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