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Hi all,

The Forms & Tools Library Committee is currently reviewing some of the older sample query forms in the Resource Library and removing any that are out-of-date. In light of this, we're looking for new submissions! If you have a sample query template you'd be open to sharing, please send it my way either by attaching it to this thread or by email (

We appreciate your help!


  • HI
    At our facility we are looking at revamping our query templates.  Looking for input on whether other hospitals are using a format where choices for physician response are provided using check boxes, where the physician checks the box for the response he intends.
    ( example)
    Please indicate the clinical significance, if any, of documented sodium 125

    (  ) documented sodium of 125 significant for hyponatremia
    (  ) documented sodium of 125 not clinically significant
    (  ) other explanation for sodium of 125
    (  ) unable to determine

    thanks in advance for any responses,
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