CDI in the Acute Rehab setting

Does anyone do CDI in the acute rehab setting?  What opportunities do you see?  What CDI impact do you measure?  Any other thoughts?


  • Surprisingly, I was just asked to look for information on Transitional Care or Rehab CDI. Looking forward to the response.
  • Hello there,

    I did a pilot project in our inpatient rehab, and was able to impact the CMI/financial numbers significantly. Please let me know if you are willing to discuss with me regarding the pilot I have done. I am more than happy to provide great insights into it.

    As you know, CDI can capture Tier-comorbidities in inpatient rehab setting which will optimize revenue cycle.

    Please email me at

    Sreenath Meegada MD MPH CCDS

    Internal Medicine Hospitalist

  • I do CDI in the IRF setting, which is part of a university multi-facility system. There are many different nuances. Happy to discuss at

  • Suzanne, I would love to discuss your findings as we will be starting a pilot soon. Please let me know if you would be open to this.

  • Hello! I am looking to find more information on CDI in the post-acute setting. Are there any bootcamps, webinars, or helpful information around on this to teach/education a new CDI Specialist that would be starting this position?

    Thanks! Skyler

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