CPR with Lucus device

Does your CDI team code CPR with using a Lucus device? Since a  lucus device provides continuous CPR .  if so which code should you use?  We are thinking 5A02216.  But this can sometimes lead to moving the DRG into a "procedure unrelated tot he principal diagnosis" 981 DRG.   Would 5A12012 be better ( this is just manual CPR)?


  • I would not code CPR via the Lucas device as a procedure - i would/do code it to manual CPR. Interested to hear if others do it differently.
  • Agree with Aimee—
    No, I would not use the first code you listed. This code is for use for cardiac output assistance with devices such as balloon pumps or Impellar devices and will most likely change your DRG. I would
    definitely use the manual CPR code as this device is just providing chest compressions. 

  • Confirming - Manual CPR is not coded with a Lucus device.  The code cited is an O.R. Procedure used to assign a code for continuous output assistance with a pump - it would also be used for Balloon Pump, Impeller Pump, and so forth.   Often used in the presence of cardiogenic shock.
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