Fluency Direct/CDI Engage

Hello.  Is anyone currently using MModal's Fluency Direct/CDI Engage product?  If so, would you be willing to share your experiences, positive or negative?  Thank you!


  • We have used this at our facility. 
    Positives: Better documentation for the Physicians who actually use it
    Negatives: It has to be turned on each time by Physicians to actually use it-most avoid doing that because it is time consuming.
    There is no hard stop for documentation so the Physician can ignore the prompts-we had one Physician who was prompted 35 times and only responded to 2 of those
    Now in MModal's defense we had a poor roll out at our facility. A microphone has to be installed at every computer where this product will be potentially used(that is a lot of computers). No one actually took ownership of that very large project.
    Overall I have to say I was not impressed with the product and neither were the Physicians at our facility. We have epic and are currently looking at their product: Note Reader, Physicians like this product at our facility-it is automatic and requires no extra steps per their demo.
  • Thank you for this feedback.  Will appreciate hearing from others as well. 
  • We also used MModal's product. We had some of the same physician issues and getting their buy-in was difficult.  It also wasn't as user-friendly as it could have been.   On the CDI side, the false positives were high.  We found that it was faster for us (CDS) to review the case than it was to use their NLU/NLP.  We routinely would review the case and then look at the MModal flagged opportunities. 

    Reporting was difficult as we could not go into the database and run our own reports. We had to request them to run and send the reports to us.  Also and this is probably the most significant drawback, is once you leave and no longer have an open contract, you no longer have access to your data.
  • One more question:  I am guessing from a compliance perspective the "physician messages" are considered queries?  Thanks. 
  • we are looking into purchasing the 3M Engage product as well, so am interested in anyone's feedback or things we should be aware of prior to purchase.  We are currently using Fluency Direct so hoping the Dr.'s will adapt easily and respond quickly to the 'nudges' and queries.  Thoughts??  
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