Cytokine Release Syndrome

We are seeing the diagnosis of "cytokine release syndrome" frequently at our regional cancer center, with the newer antineoplastic treatments. Will we have a code for this anytime soon? Right now we code the adverse effect of antineoplastic medications, and all of the associated symptoms. It does not seem to accurately reflect the true severity of many of these patients. Looking for advice and assistance with requesting an ICD 10 code for CRS.


  • What we have instructed our coders to report, as there is no specific diagnosis code, is to code the individual manifestations. However, if there are specific sub-entries for those conditions that may be "drug-induced" to report those more specific diagnosis codes. I.e. if hypotension is noted to be secondary to CAR-T, we would report  I95.2 Hypotension due to drugs following the conventions to add the adverse effect T-Code. What are others doing?
  • We are a research facility that does clinical trials for new cancer treatments. We only code the manifestations.
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