coding for gel foam embolization

A patient had a liver biopsy with gel foam embolization. The principle Diagnosis is brain cancer. Should the coder code both  procedures,  or is the  gel form embolization a part of the liver biopsy please advise.


  • Gel foam embolization is not a part of the biopsy.  I don’t have the book open or resources to cite as I respond, but this is a therapeutic procedure performed to occlude blood vessel in the treatment of cancer.  (I am referring to the embolization).
  • Was just about to reply to this when Paul's response popped up.

    Generally gel foam embolizations are done to occlude blood vessels as part of tx for liver CA like Paul stated. I could only see a patient getting a gel foam embolization s/p liver biopsy if something went wrong or if it was a large biopsy with a good bit of bleeding.

    Interested in hearing more about this one from the original poster

  • Hey, Jeff 

    concur one could occlude the vessel after a biopsy if there was a need to treat significant bleeding.  Good point.   Would like more context from original poster.   For context, our site does perform this procedure for certain cancers, and it is done to stop the blood flow and ‘starve’ the neoplasm.  On I-pad as I respond w/o resources.
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