Sepsis 3: ever without Severe Sepsis?

Hi,  Those of you who are using Sepsis 3 criteria, are there EVER situations where you have Sepsis without Severe Sepsis?  Sometimes it seems that the SOFA criteria is met but not truly have enough to justify the organ dysfunction diagnoses (ie: GCS 14 and P/F ratio of 285, but not encephalopathic and truly only on 2L O2)  What are you doing with such situations?


  • SOFA 3 criteria essentially states that all sepsis is severe sepsis.  So, no you cannot have sepsis without severe sepsis (organ dysfunction) according to Sepsis 3.  Remember, there has to be a change of 2 in the baseline SOFA score.  You would need to really analyze all that is going on with the patient.  Could an abnormal value be attributed to another condition non related to sepsis?  If so, that should be taken into consideration when querying for or validating sepsis. 

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