Hotel options for the conference

Has anyone found nearby hotel options for the conference? I evidently messed up and only booked one reservation instead of three. :-(   Appreciate any info you might have on other options for that week.



  • FYI- they found our reservations and I am told there are not any hotels close by.  See you all in a couple weeks.
  • Sorry for the late response on this, but there are two hotels nearby, both less than a mile away. Please visit here for more information:
  • Since i am coming on my own dime, its most economical for me to stay at a Hilton property where I can use my points.  I am staying at the Hampton Inn 3.8 miles away.  With parking being $24 a day, even though I rented a car (again with points) I'll likely take the bus or uber over.  (unless of course someone else would be a pal and drive me there....)

    Mark Dominesey
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