CDI Metrics

What are facilities using for a standard for physician agreement rate goals? For those using "other explanation" or "unable to determine", do you consider these agreed or not agreed in the data? What are current query rate goals and how did you establish your goals? 


  • Our goal for physician agreement is above 90%. We do not count "other explanation" or "unable to determine" as part of that percent. We look at the percent of physician agreement as validation that CDI RNs are asking appropriate, relevant, and clinically supported queries.  We also monitor another metric, physician response rate, and this we want higher than 95% and even if a physician disagrees or has other response or unable to determine, the physician DID respond so it does get counted in this metric. We do not want a 100% agree rate as that might imply coercion or intimidation.
  • Thank  you Valerie. Do you find the 90% is a difficult benchmark to achieve?
  • Also, Valerie do you have a goal for query rate? I see some facilities do and some don't. We find that it can be variable dependent on the severity of the case and the provider who is documenting. 
  • We normally are above the 90th percentile without difficulty. We do have a query rate set by our software companies of 35% which we do not come close to. We generally are around 25% and that has been deemed acceptable.
  • Do you perform individual CDIS audits and incorporate audit scores into the metrics/performance evals?
  • Do any of you have metrics related to accurate capture of PDx expectations for the CDS's?
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