HCC 59( Major Depressive Disorder)

I was looking at the MDD documentation in the outpatient pocket book, I know that meeting criteria of MDD (3 A-C) & remission/episode/severity(all or one) are needed to capture this HCC, but wondering if there is a minimum that could be educated to hospitalists(group) in order for them to be comfortable documenting this diagnosis?
Maybe PHQ-9 in the ED?
Just a couple of questions showing in partial remission?
I appreciate your comments.


  • Completing a PHQ-9 will not confirm the diagnostic criteria of Major Depressive Disorder, only the presence of depressive symptoms.  It would need to be interpreted by a clinician into a diagnostic statement to be useful.
  • Agreed, but I was thinking that could trigger a clinician diagnosis or make it easier for them to stage the MDD as recurrent or partial remission. 

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