Anuria and ESRD

do you code/is it correct to code anuria and /or oliguria with end stage renal disease? 


  • I would think that oliguria/anuria would be inclusive to ESRD. When I review in the tabular, there is not a an excludes note but oliguria/anuria is not a CC/MCC or even HCC so not sure the value of adding it.
  • FYI - while not a cc or mcc, it does impact severity of illness and/or risk of mortality.  
  • Yes..confirming that, at least in some models,  coding oliguria or anuria with renal disease can impact ROM.  Good catch.  I am not sure of the reasoning.  I tend to add it to forms of acute renal failure as it is not always ‘integral’ for ARF and the presence of either would seem to indicate more severe consequences for a patient with ARF and anuria  when compared to a patient with ARF and no anuria or oliguria

  • to go along with this discussion, do you code oliguria or anuria with dehydration?

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